Shenzhen Waway Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Waway Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the design, manufacture, installation, after-sales service, and maintenance of kitchen equipment for hotels and restaurants, factories cafeterias, banks, hospitals, schools, armies and governmental agencies and also acts as a dealer of name brand commercial kitchen ware of different countries in the world.
The Waway company headquarters and production center are located in Shenzhen, the forefront of China’s reform and opening up, and occupy an area of 6000 m2. We also have branches and offices located in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shanghai which has allowed us to establish a complete marketing and service network.
We boast great technical strength and a huge production capacity. Our professional team of engineers, which includes individuals with expertise in machinery, electricity, refrigeration, environmental protection, and product development as well as our team of project planners, designers, and experienced marketing specialists, and a high-quality production and service staff, has allowed us to win the trust of our clients.
Waway adheres to a business philosophy of "providing clients with the absolute best products and services" by introducing advanced production equipment and processes, adopting computer-based production procedures and a complete management system, designing and producing high-quality kitchen equipment, continually implementing technical reform and innovation, and designing and producing energy efficient and environmentally friendly new products. The company has been awarded ISO9001-2008 Quality Control System certification and ISO14001-2004 Environment Management System certification.
"Ensuring client satisfaction to the greatest extent possible" is the tenet of Waway. Throughout the operation process, Waway considers client satisfaction to be of utmost importance. Only when the client feels truly satisfied can the company grow to become a market leader. Waway has always looked at problems from the client’s perspective and strives to meet their demands to the greatest extent possible.
Waway’s services start with caring about client demands while client satisfaction is its ultimate goal. We will endlessly pursue excellence on the basis of integrity and continuous innovation.

A Unique Team

The operation of an enterprise is increasingly dependent on teamwork. An excellent team spirit is what makes an enterprise truly competitive.
Innovation is the fundamental factor driving the rapid, sustainable, healthy development of an enterprise. With people as the main component of innovation, they are the driving force behind our development.
Waway has made the respect of knowledge and talent its strategic goal, and has made some beneficial discoveries in the field of human resource development and management and has used this knowledge to form a unique and truly “people-oriented” talent strategy.

Our employees are unique.