Message from General Manager

During the 13 years since its conception in 2001, Waway has sustainably and steadily grown and developed in the midst of fierce market competition. I would like to take this opportunity to express our heart-felt gratitude to our clients, suppliers, and partners for their help and support. Our current success would not have been possible without your trust and support.
Waway has developed from a professional supplier of commercial kitchen equipment into a professional engineering company integrating mechanical and electrical equipment installation, design, and construction engineering. Our clients include many well-known Fortune 500 companies such as Ricoh, Canon, Epson, and Sumitomo,and . Shenzhen Metro .We are very popular among these customers.
The development of an enterprise must be based on sustainable development of the society. As an enterprise, we have always lived up to our social responsibilities. In order to cope with the environmental challenges affecting the globe, we use innovative technologies and quality services to improve the energy efficiency of our products and protect the environment which is closely related with each of our businesses. This is accomplished through producing more energy-efficient products, reducing the impact of our production and operations on the environment, and working towards becoming one of the world’s leading low-carbon and environmentally friendly enterprises.
As we use only the highest quality raw materials and the world’s best parts and components in manufacturing our products, our product designs meet the requirements for extended use. Meanwhile, with our advantages from using professional engineering technologies, we are able provide our clients with integrated commercial kitchen engineering services that beautiful, durable, safe, and convenient.
Throughout the long course of our cooperation with numerous transnational corporations, especially German and Japanese enterprises, we have become a trusted partner for our clients by developing a habit of working carefully and keeping our promises to the customer.
We will also need your support as we move into the future. We will continue to work hard and embrace a beautiful future hand in hand with you.

General Manager: Xu Shiquan